A.J. Huffman's Publication History

A.J. Huffman has poetry published in or forthcoming from the following journals or anthologies:

The 22 Blog, 30 Day Poetry Challenge Anthology, 58-Split, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, 96 Inc., Abberation Labyrinth, Absinthe Anthology Project, Abyss & Apex, A Day’s Encounter, The Adroit Journal, Ain’t Got No Press: Ekphrastia Gone Wild Anthology, Albatross, American Poets & Poetry, Amphibi.us, Amulet (The Editor’s Choice Supreme Poet of the Month (July 2013)), Angelflesh, Angel News Magazine, Anthology, Aphelion, The Applicant, Ann Arbor Review, Aoife’s Kiss, Apollo’s Lyre, Apropos Literary Journal, Ardent!, The Aroostook Review, Art:Mag, Asbestos Boots on Beatnik Feet, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, As It Ought To Be (Saturday Poetry Series), Atlantean Press -- Awen, Atlantean Press -- Garbaj, Atom Mind, autolycus, The Autumn Sound Review, Avatar Review, The Avon Literary Intelligencer, B (Barbie Anthology), Backlit Barbell Anthology, Barbaric Yawp, Bare Back Magazine, Barzakh, The Beatnik, Beat the Dust, Bella Akhmadulina Day Special Edition of The Camel Saloon, Berg Gasse 19, Bigger Stones, Big River Poetry Review, Bijou Poetry Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, Bitterzoet Magazine, Black Book Press, Black Cross, Black Fox Literary Magazine, Black-Listed Magazine, Black Spring Review, Blaze Vox, Bleeding Ink Anthology, Blind Man’s Rainbow, Blinking Cursor, Block’s Magazine, Blog from the Bog, Blood Moon Rising, BlueGreen, The Blue Hour, Blue Lake Review, Bluestem, Bohemia, Bolts of Silk, The Bond Street Review, Bone Orchard, Borderline, Boyslut, Breadcrumb Sins, Buffalo Bones, The Burlesque Press Variety Show, Burningword, Burnt Bridge, Busk, Button Tapper Press:  Haiku for Lovers Anthology, By The Overpass, Cahoodaloodaling, Call and Response, Calliope Nerve, The Camel Saloon, Cannoli Pie, Cantaraville, Carcinogenic Poetry, Carillon Magazine, Carpe Laureate Diem, The Cat’s Meow for Writers & Readers, Cats With Thumbs, Cemetery Moon, The Centrifugal Eye, Century 121, Certain Circuits, Cherry Blossom Review, Cherry Picked Hands, Chicago Literati, Chronogram, Circa, Circus of the Damned, Citizens for Decent Literature, Clean Sheets, Clockwise Cat, Clutching at Straws, Coachella Review, The Commonline Journal, Compendium, The Comstock Review, Conceit, Concho River Review, Connotation Press, Conscience, Contemporary Literary Review India, Convergence, Counterexample Poetics, Cover of Darkness, CQ (California Quarterly), Crack the Spine, Crack the Spine 2012 Best Of Summer Anthology, Creative Juices, Crisis Chronicles, The Cup Runneth Over, Curio Poetry, Current Accounts, Curriculum Vitae Literary Supplement, Cyclamens and Swords Publishing (Birds Anthology), The Cynic Online Magazine, Daily Love, Dance Macabre – DM du Jour, Dark Eclipse, Dark Edifice, The Dark Fiction Spotlight, Dark Pens: A Journal of Moon Haiku, Dawntreader, Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag, Dead Snakes, Death Head Grin, Decades Review, Deep Water Literary Journal, Della Donna, Deuce Coupe, Dirty Watered Limbo, Disingenuous Twaddle, Diversion Press Poetry Anthology, Do Hookers Kiss, dotdotdash (special issue:  Sacred), Downer Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Dream International Quarterly, Dreams and Nightmares, Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure, The Earth Comes First, Eastern Rainbow, Echoes from the Silence, Eclectica Magazine, EgoPHobia, electric in the sun, The Electric Monsoon Magazine, Electric Rather Literary Magazine, Electric Windmill Press, Ellipsis Magazine, Em Dash Literary Magazine (Editor’s Choice  Award for Poetry (June 2013)), EMG Zine, Ends of the Earth, Enhance Magazine, Epigraph, Epiphany Magazine, E-Ratio, Etcetera, Ethereal Dances, Eunoria Review, The Ever Dancing Muse, Every Day Poets, Exercise Bowler, experiential-experimental literature, Fade, Fantastic Horror, Farthermost Dream, The Fat City Review, The Fear of Monkeys, Featherlit, Feathertale, The Fib Review, Fickle Muses, The Fiction Week Literary Review, Filthy Secret Books, The Final Draft, A Flame in the Dark, Flowers & Vortexes, Flutter Poetry, Foliate Oak, Footprints, Forge, Fox Cry Review, FreeXpression, Frission:  Disconcerting Verse, Front Porch Review, Full of Crow, Gadfly Online, Garbanzo Literary Journal, George & Mertie’s Place, Ginger Hill, Glasschord Magazine, Gloom Cupboard, Grasslands Review, Greensilk Journal, Grey Wolfe Publishing:  Legends Anthology (Summer), Guerilla Pamphlets, Gutter Eloquence, Haggard & Halloo, Haiku Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, A Handful of Stones, Having a Whiskey Coke With You, Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Heavy Bear, Hell Whore Vol 1, Hiding in the Shadows Anthology, High Coupe, HIP Literary Magazine, Hobo Pancakes, Hot Metal Bridge, Housewives Go Nuclear, The Houston Literary Review, Howls and Pushycats, A Hudson View, Icon, Identity Theory, Illogical Muse, Illumen, Illya’s Honey, Improvijazzation Nation, Impressions, Incandescent, Inclement, Indigo Rising, Infinite Press:  A Literary Journal, Inkapture, Ink Monkey Magazine, Ink Sweat & Tears, Inner Sins, Insomnia Press, Instigatorzine, Intentional Walk Review, The Intercultural Writer’s Review, Interviews Poets, Writers:  A Place To Display Their Works, Inwood Indiana Press, Iodine Poetry Journal, Is This Reality?, The James Dickey Review, Jeanette Cheezum’s Cavalcade of Stars, Jellyfish Whispers, Kalkion, ken*again (Featured Poet Fall 2012), Kerouac’s Dog, Kimera, The Kitchen Poet, Kritya, Labletter, L’Allure des Mots, languageandculture.net, The Laughing Dog, Laundry Lines Anthology, The Laureate Letter, Leaves of Ink, Lilith, litbomb, Literary Brushstrokes, The Literary Burlesque, Literary Hatchet, Literary Juice Magazine, Literary Mama, Liter Bug, Lit Magazine, Litterbox Magazine, Litsnack, Local Gems Poetry Press:  Recession Depression Poetry Anthology, Lone Star Magazine, Love is the Law Magazine, Lucid Moon, Machete Moonlight, Mad Swirl, Marco Polo, Martian Lit, Maryland Review, Mastodon Dentist, The Maynard, The Meadow, Medicinal Purposes, The Medulla Review, Melusine, Message in a Bottle, Metazen, Mezzo Cammin, mgversion2>datura, Midwest Poetry Review, Miller’s Pond Poetry Magazine, The Mind[less] Muse, Miracle e-zine, Mirror Dance, Mistletoe Madness Christmas Anthology, Mobius, Mojo Risin’ Magazine, The Montucky Review, Mount Olive Review, Mouse Tales Press, Muddy River Poetry Review, MudJob, Munyori, Mused, Muse of Fire, My Favorite Bullet, The Mystic Nebula, Nanny Fanny, Napalm And Novocain, Navigating Yesterday’s Rubble, Necrology Shorts, Nefarious Ballerina, Negative Suck, Neglected Ratio, The New Mirage Quarterly, The New Writer, Nib Magazine, Nibble, Nocturnal Lyric: Journal of the Bizarre, Northern Stars Magazine, Nostrovia! Poetry Guest Blog, nth position, Offerings, Offerta Speciale (in English and Italian), Of Sun and Sand Anthology, Ol’ Chanty, One Title, The Open Bone, Open Window Review, The Orris, The Other Herald, Otoliths, Ottawa Arts Review, Oysters & Chocolate, Pacific Poetry, Palimpsest, Paper Plates, Parnassus Literary Journal, Parody, Peaky Hide, Pegasus, Parnassus, The Penmen Review, The Penny Dreadful Review, Pens on Fire, The Penwood Review, Phoenix Press, The Piker Press, Pink-Eye Lemonade, Pink Mouse, Pirene’s Fountain, Poetalk, poetespresso, The Poet House, poeticdiversity, Poetic Medicine, Poetry Breakfast, Poetry Bulawayo, The Poetry Bus, Poetry Cornwall (Meet the Editor Feature), Poetry Motel, Poetry Pacific, Poetry Quarterly, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry Super Highway (Poet of the Week 8-9-10 to 8-15-10, Poet of the Week 11-26-12 to 12-2-12, and Poet of the Week 5-20-13 to 5-26-13), The Poets’ Guild Quarterly, The Poet’s Haven, Poets’ Paper, The Poets Anthology, The Poet’s Reference Book, Point Mass Anthology, Poised In Flight Anthology, Polyphon, Precious Metals, pressboardpress, Project Agent Orange, Prospective:  A Journal of Speculation, Puckerbrush Review, Pulsar Poetry Webzine, Pulse, Pyrta, Pyrokinection, Quantum Poetry Magazine, The Quarterlife Quarterly, The Quotable, The Rainbow Rose, The Rampallian, Ramshackle Review, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Raven Images, Rear View, Record Magazine, The Recusant, Red Fez, Red Ochre Lit, Red Owl, Red Poppy Review, Red Rock Review, (re) Generat.ions, Reflect, Retort Magazine, The Right Eyed Deer, rIgor mort.US, Right Hand Pointing, RiverLit Online, The River Muse, River Poets Journal, Romance Language, The Rusty Truck, Salt, The Same, Samizdat Literary Journal, Sanity Not Guaranteed, Sarasvati, The Scarlet Sound, Schlock Magazine, Scissors and Spackle, The Scrambler, Screaming Poets Anthology, Scrubbadubdub, The Second Hump, Section 8 Magazine, Sein und Werden, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Shadows Express, Ship of Fools, Silver Blade, Sketchbook, The Skyline Review, Slingshot Litareview, Slit Your Wrists! E-Zine, The Smoking Poet, Snakeskin, Snow Monkey, SNReview, Soul Fountain, The Sounds of Poetry, Sounds of the Night, South Townsville Micro Poetry Journal, Sparkbright, The Speculative Edge, Speech Bubble, Speedpoets Zine, Spinnings, Spinozablue, Splizz, SP Quill Magazine, Sprout, Static Movement, Stepping Stones Magazine: Almia,  Stone Path Review, The Stray Branch, Stymie Magazine, Subliminal Interiors, The Subterranean Quarterly, Suffer Eternal Anthology, A Summer’s Reading, The Sunday Suitor Poetry Review, The Sunflower Dream, s/word, Symbiotic Oatmeal, Symmetry Pebbles, Synergist, Taj Mahol Review, Take-it-to-the-Street-Poetry, Tales to Terrify, Talon Mag, Tempus, Third Wednesday, This Zine Will Change Your Life, Thoughtsmith, Three Line Poetry, Thumb Area Writer’s Club Newsletter, Thunder Dome, Tight, Timber Creek Review, Tincture Journal, Torrid Literature Journal, Totheroads.com, Touchstone, The Tower Journal, Trembles, Trivia:  Voices of Feminism, Troubadour 21, Truck, Tuck Magazine, The Ultimate Unknown, Uneasy Bones: Dark Works By Women, The Unrorean, Uptown Mosaic Magazine, Used Gravitrons, Vagabondage Press Romantic Poetry Anthology, The Vehicle, Veil:  Journal of Darker Musings, The Vein, Versus Literary Journal, The View from Here, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Vine Leaves Literary Best Of Anthology, Vintage Poetry, Viral Cat, Visceral Uterus, Vox Poetica, Wanderings, The Weekenders Magazine, Weyfarers, why vandalism, Wilderness House Literary Review, Wilderness Interface Zone, Willows Wept Review, Winamop, Windmills, The Window Lit-Mag, With Painted Words, Wizards of the Wind, Wordland, Write On, The Write Place At the Write Time, The Write Room, Writer’s Bloc, Writer’s Gazette, Writer’s Haven/Verseland, The Writing Disorder, Yes, Poetry, Ygdrasil, The Yellow Ham, You Are Here:  Journal of Creative Geography, Z-Composition, Zingara Poetry Picks, Zouch, and Zygote in My Coffee.

A.J. Huffman has poetry chapbooks published in or forthcoming from the following presses or sites: 

The Camel Saloon Books on Blog:  “Audition for Hell,” Fowlpox Press:  “[Theoretical] Chaos,” Jeanette Cheezum’s Cavalcade of Stars:  “Welcome to Frankenstein,” Origami Poems Project:  “The Lightbulb Theory of Truth,” The Poet’s Haven Author Series:  “Inside the Walls of a Blackened Book,” Spare Change Press:  “Flowered in Shadows,” Writing Knights Press:  “. . . Of Balance,” and (joint chapbook with April Salzano) from Kind of a Hurricane Press – Barometric Pressures Author Series:  “Once Upon a Time”

A.J. Huffman has short fiction published or forthcoming from in following journals or anthologies: 
 Hell Whore Anthology (Vol 2), Polyphon, Spaceports & Spiders, and Verseland.

A.J. Huffman has flash fiction published in or forthcoming from the following journals: 

Apocrypha and Abstractions, Daily Love, The First Line Journal, InfectiveINk.com, Pound of Flash,   and Sein Und Werden.

A.J. Huffman has won the following contests: 

2012 Promise of Light Haiku Contest, and 2013 Miracle E-zine Poetry Competition .

A.J. Huffman has a research article published in the following journal:

The Present Past

A.J. Huffman has photography published or forthcoming  in the following journals:

Infinite Press:  A Literary Journal (Editor’s Choice Award for Photography (Sept 2013), Red Ochre Lit, Stone Path Review, Straight Forward, Thick With Conviction, Wilderness Interface Zone, and
With Painted Words.

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